Qigong for Peace, Health and Vitality

Options from JUNE 2021

Gentle meditative movements for peace, health and vitality.

1) Online qigong class, £8 for 60 minutes (Wednesday, 11am – 11.40) ongoing

2) Estuary Clinic, Topsham, Devon, Thursday 11am, 1 hour session, small class £10,  restarting after lockdown

4) Workshops: Qigong for Healing, from time to time both on Zoom and in person

5) Online meditation class September – March (probably Friday morning, 11-11.30 am, £4)

Penny qualified with distinction as an Instructor with Tai Chi Nation and continues to  develop her practice through professional development and learning from experience.

The classes provide students with an introduction to some of the variety of types of qigong practices available: Shi Ba Shi (Tai Chi Qigong) Sets 1 and 2, Five Element Qigong, Daoyin (Chinese Yoga), and Primordial Qigong.

Her approach to Qigong is influenced by a background in meditation. In the meditation class we experience meditations from a variety of traditions particularly emphasising those that support development and understanding of qigong.

The standing gentle movements with quiet breathing are suitable for most levels of health or fitness, but check with your doctor if you are unsure. The practice room at the Estuary Clinic does not have disabled access, so you need to be able to walk up and down stairs, and experience suggests it works best if you can stand up for most of the lesson, although there are chairs if you need a break within the lesson.

Contact Penny Bayer 01392 875523  or email  qigongdevon@gmail.com